Medieval Combat and Culture (MCC) is a group of Medieval martial enthusiasts and history buffs who come together on a weekly basis to safely practice various arts from all medieval periods from Europe, Middle east and Asia.

We seek to emulate, as closely as possible, not only the combative arts but also historical crafts and skills that would otherwise be lost to time. We interact with the public to heighten their enthusiasm for these arts through the use of entertaining and educational displays and workshops.

Our members currently enjoy a variety of medieval crafts including the weaving of chain mail, smithing of armour and weaponry and the reconstruction of period clothing. Many more such crafts are continually being researched and added to our repertoire.

In so far as is possible we attempt to utilise the methods and materials that were in common use during this period, and are also well versed in museum artefacts and other archaeological and allegorical findings from this period over many cultures.